Item Code: 110227

COLOR: Black & Gold

Packaging: BOX


Net Weight: 765 gr

Gross Weight: 969 gr

Unit in Carton: 15 Pcs

Total carton gross Weight: 9690 gr

Volume 1 PCS : 0.00768 CBM

Volume 1 Carton : 0.1148 CBM

Quantity of Carton on the Pallet: 22.5 carton

Quantity of PCS on the Pallet: 335 PCS

MATERIAL: Hoses: brass, inner rubber: PEX, three-way bottom: brass, body: Steel pipe, shower head: ABS, soap base and elevator: ABS

✅New invented shower that you have never seen ✅ containing 3 antibacterial filters ✅ Unbreakable polycarbonate✅ Stainless Steel (never corrosion) ✅ Long life filters ✅Removing 98% chlorine ✅ it adds negative ion to the water ✅ Great performance even with low fellow of water ✅50% reducing water usage ✅ Increases water pressure many times over ✅ If sediment gets, it opens easily and can be cleaned ✅ and so many other advantages ✅One year guarantee five years after sales service

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